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Our dance program runs in two sessions:


Fall/Spring - starting in August and ending with our annual recital in June

Summer - beginning after our annual recital and ending in early August before the new dance year begins



1. Dance is our Happy Place

We LOVE to dance and to share our love of dance with our students.  All Out Dance Academy students can count on teachers that are excited to teach every class and will push them and cheer them on every step of the way!

2.  Work Hard, Work Smart.  

We offer dancers a schedule that allows for life outside the studio.  Dancers can take our full curriculum in as little as two evenings per week.

3.  Dance Training is Life Training

So many aspects of dance training reflect real life experiences .  We teach our dancers to be responsible, loyal, hard-working, kind, respectful and eager.  We believe in helping our students develop a healthy respect for themselves and their bodies, as well.  Our staff is committed to teaching age-appropriate choreography and choosing modest costuming for our dancers.


4.  Every Dancer is Important to Us

Every dancer at All Out Dance Academy is important and valued whether they are recreational dancers taking one class per week or competitive Company dancers taking multiple classes per week.  We recognize that each dancer is on his or her own individual journey, and we value and celebrate each and every student.


5. Different Dreams, One Goal

There are so many different directions that dance training can take you. Our goal is to help dancers discover their individual dream and go ALL OUT chasing it!

450 Industry Way
Bldg 7 Suite 50
Prosper, TX 75078
call or text 469.343.2292
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