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Young Ballerinas


All Out Dance Academy offers training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Drill Team Prep & Technique, Hip Hop, and more

Registration is now open!! 


Ballet is one of the most important aspects of a dancer's training.  Every genre of dance references ballet technique and ballet training  creates stronger technical dancers in other styles.  


Tap dance focuses on musicality and rhythm helping dancers understand the music they are dancing to and creating a strong mind/body connection.



Jazz dance is one of the most recognized genres of dance.  Jazz dance uses the fundamental  principles of Ballet and Tap to create exciting movement to upbeat rhythms. 

hip hop

Hip Hop is one of the most popular dance genres in today's  mainstream media.  Hip Hop styles range from urban street style to commercial style and encompasses a rich history of cultural and social tradition.

lyrical & contemporary

 Lyrical and Contemporary dance genres embody the technical  skills of Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance while connecting the dancer with the mood and emotion of the music.  


drill team prep

High School Drill Team is "not what it used to be" and today's team members and hopefuls must train to keep up. Drill Prep and Tech classes combine technique and jazz training to prepare dancers for try-outs and keep current line members strong.  


We are dedicated to meeting students where they are and helping them grow and improve as they work toward their own personal goals.  We must crawl before we walk and walk before we run.  With this philosophy at heart, our staff will be honest and open with each student about their current level and help them set and achieve "next level" goals.


Level I

For brand new dancers and dancers with less than two years experience in a specific genre.  Dancers are learning or continuing to work on basic movement and spacial awareness and perfecting the building blocks necessary to master skills requiring balance on one leg, full rotation turns, and memory and connection of choreography phrases.

Level II and III

For dancers with more than two years experience in a specific genre. Dancers will spend more time in this level during their training. Dancers are  improving in connecting choreography phrases and exploring adding energy and style to their work.  Dancers are working toward mastery of flexibility,  double turns, and various jumps and leaps.

Level III and IV

For dancers that have been training for many years  in a specific genre.  Dancers have achieved increased flexibility and are able to execute advanced skills including multiple turns, advanced jumps and executing complex choreography phrases.  Dancers at this level are mastering and perfecting advanced skills and training for the next step in their dance career.

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